WWE 2K23 PPSSPP Zip ISO + Texture (600MB file)

The download for WWE 2K23 for PPSSPP on Android is now available. On Android, you’ll find that it’s possible to play WWE 2K23 PPSSPP ISO Zip File Very Compressed.



Today, we are going to go over all there is to know about this game, including how you can download and install the Apk+ ISO file of it on Android by making use of a PSP emulator, so we ask that you stick around until the very end.

The long-running series of professional wrestling video games will continue with the release of WWE 2K22, the newest installment in the franchise. WWE 2K23 is the most recent installment in the series of video games. 2K Games is going to be the company that develops it, and it will have an extensive roster of WWE wrestlers, in addition to a large variety of different match styles and game modes.

Released Now

The game is available for purchase on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC platforms since after the month of March 2023.

The video game, WWE 2K23, have a vast roster that includes both male and female superstars from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT UK, in addition to a few WWE Legends.

It has been rumoured that a large number of WWE celebrities travelled to Los Angeles in December in order to film a commercial for WWE 2K23.


Features of WWE 2K23 PPSSPP

  • New Superstars: We have added several new wrestlers to the roster. Some of these rising talents would eventually establish themselves as the most popular wrestlers in the world within the following decade.
  • Amazing Graphics: This publication boasts some of the coolest graphics I’ve ever seen. It gives the fighting area and the actors a much more realistic feel. That will be beneficial to you.
  • Arenas and competitions: The game includes a large number of new arenas in addition to Raw, SmackDown, MITB, Survivor series, SummerSlam, WrestleMania, and other notable events.
  • New entries: An entry that has been updated can now be shown. We are grateful to the modders.
  • There are many other match styles that may be played, such as one versus one, two versus two, three versus three, four versus four, six versus six, tag team, which includes ladder, table, tlc, hell in a cell, matches imprisoned, and so on.

Many new features have been added to WWE in version 2K23. The following is an explanation of all of the features included in this WWE 2K23 PPSSPP Mod.

All-New Story Mode

The game is reported to contain updated and improved aesthetics, new and returning match types, and a redesigned gameplay engine that is believed to be more immersive and true to life. All of these features are said to be included in the game.

In addition to that, it is very possible that there will be a new story mode added to the game. This option will let players to create their very own wrestlers and follow their journey as they rise through the ranks of the professional wrestling industry.

Career Mode

MyCareer makes its return in WWE 2K23 with more WWE action than ever before. In a manner analogous to that of MyRISE in NBA 2K22, the focus of the game is placed on male and female superstars who each have their own stories, are capable of forming alliances and rivalries, and can result in a variety of various subplots depending on the decisions made by the player.

Universal Mode

Players are able to assume control of a single superstar throughout the entirety of WWE 2K23’s Universe Mode, much like they were able to do in the mode’s predecessor.

Showcase Mode

The “2K Showcase Mode” from previous games has been replaced with “Fantasy Warfare” and “Road to Greatness” in WWE 2K23. These modes were last seen in WWE All Stars in 2011. The Road to Greatness mode matches the player’s superstar against Hulk Hogan (with Jimmy Hart), John Cena, and other renowned wrestlers, while Fantasy Warfare pits superstars against superstars and legends against legends in a fantasy match to determine the best of the best.


Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton spent seven months recording commentary for WWE 2K23. The end result is a match-by-match analysis of every match between two superstars or legends, regardless of whether or not they had a feud or had ever fought each other before. This analysis is included in the game.

In the event if the player sets up a match between two long-standing opponents (for example, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels), the announcers would definitely discuss the history of the two men’s previous confrontations as well as the defining moments of their rivalry. If, on the other hand, a match is made between two superstars who have never faced each other before (for example, Hulk Hogan and Doink the Clown), then the commentators will instead refer to a (fictitious) promo between the two superstars.

If the dream match contains two superstars that have characteristics that are comparable to one another, the announcers will make comparisons between the two superstars before the match begins (such as Big Show and Andre the Giant).



A wide variety of customization options are available to players, including the ability to create their own wrestlers, stadiums, and championships. The fan-favorite Universe Mode is one of the game modes that is both new and returning. In this mode, players book and write the storylines for their own wrestling organisation. Another mode, Play Mode, allows players to design their own bouts and storylines. Both of these game modes are included in the game.

After the primary features of WWE 2K23 have been detailed, a revised edition of this guide will be made available on this page, so be sure to check back then.

How To Download WWE 2K23 PPSSPP Highly Compressed ISO Zip File

  • Installing the PlayStation Portable emulator that you purchased from the Play Store and starting to make use of it is the last thing to do before closing this window. This step is only necessary for those who are accessing the system for the very first time.
  • The next thing you need to do is download WWE 2K23 along with its PPSSPP mod. The link to download is located at the end of this paragraph.
  • The game, along with the mod textures, must be extracted from the downloaded file. To extract the file, all that is required is a tool that is able to open either Zip or RAR archives.
  • After that, the Mod Textures folder will have an ISO file in addition to the other two files it now has. After finishing up with SAVA DATA, we will move on to TEXTURES.
  • The next thing you need to do is copy and paste everything from the Textures folder into the folder labelled [SAVA DATA and TEXTURES]. Next, replace the older versions of the SAVA DATA and TEXTURES files on the SD card with the newer versions by copying and pasting the newly created versions into the PSP folder.
  • After you have performed the above steps, you should then run the PSP emulator, choose a game, and begin playing it.
  • All of the games have been updated to include the WWE 2K23 PPSSPP background.

ISO Information

NameWWE 2K23
Size652 MB
Developed byVicarious Visions
CompaitableAndroid PPSSPP
Version6.1 and up
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