WhatsApp New Design 2021 – Latest style WhatsApp apk – WhatsApp new stylish design for Pro


In this post, we will see the WhatsApp New Design.

This WhatsApp allows you to do these :

  • Freeze Last seen
  • Disable forwarded
  • Hide view status
  • Anti-delete status
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Show Blue ticks after reply
  • Custome Whatsapp lock
  • Change the WhatsApp colour
  • Enable Instagram-like stories
  • Change Chatting colour
  • Side menu
  • Change font style and colour, etc.


The user interface is very attractive and cool as shown in the screenshot, many of the users are bored to use that old version of WhatsApp so, I recommend them to use this New WhatsApp.

Some Hidden Features Of New WhatsApp:

1: Freeze Last seen

  By enabling this feature, No one can see that you are online or not.

2: Quick Reply

Quick reply is possible in this new Whatsapp, To use this feature you have to write a message in advance. If someone sends you a message then this new Whatsapp automatically will reply to them.

HomeHidden Features of WhatsAppNew hidden setting in WhatsApp | Update in Hidden Features of WhatsApp 2021

New hidden setting in WhatsApp | Update in Hidden Features of WhatsApp 2021

Technical SohailJune 21, 2021

New hidden setting in WhatsApp 2021

New hidden setting in WhatsApp | Update in Hidden Features of WhatsApp 2021

In this post, we will see the Hidden Setting Of the Latest new Version WhatsApp.

3: View WhatsApp Status Hiddenly

Many WhatsApp users search on Google ‘ How to See Someone Whatsapp Status Hiddenly ‘.

So don’t worry viewers your solution is here. So Just download and use this dYowa WhatsApp.

For example, Those people add a story on WhatsApp and he gives privacy (except you), but you can see still their status and don’t show them that you have viewed their Stories.

To enable this feature go to Setting >> General Setting >> Privacy and Security, where you can see the ‘Hide View Status’ option and enable it.

4: View WhatsApp Status After Delete

One of our favourite WhatsApp tricks or feature. If Someone deletes their story or status then that status has been deleted for others, not for you. Its mean, this feature allows to you see others WhatsApp status after deleting.

To enable this feature goto Setting >> General Setting >> Privacy and Security, there you can see the ‘Anti-Delete Status’ option and enable it.

One of our favorite WhatsApp tricks can actually facilitate you to avoid wasting your mobile data.

There are some ways to avoid wasting data in WhatsApp while still receiving notifications and messages. Firstly, disable download media on mobile data from the app. this can be often done via Settings > Data and storage usage > When using mobile data.

Never lose a message again

From this section, you’ll check or uncheck the downloading of photos, audio, videos, and documents via mobile data. This way, you’d wish to tap on the file to truly download it. Videos, particularly, are huge data hogs, so we’d recommend leaving this unchecked.

5. WhatsApp calls chewing data?

WhatsApp calls are a handy feature on the platform, but they’ll consume an honest little of mobile data if you’re an important user or on a limited plan. Thankfully we all know of more WhatsApp tricks for improving data consumption. If you’d opt to avoid wasting bandwidth, try visiting Settings > Data and storage usage > Low data usage and tick the box to lower the amount of information utilized during a call.

6. Get a breakdown of WhatsApp data usage

All Android phones from the last five years around the ship with a knowledge usage tracker, allowing you to induce an app-by-app breakdown of data usage. But WhatsApp also encompasses a tracker, supplying you with a category-by-category study data usage.

To access WhatsApp’s data usage log, you’ll visit Settings > Data and storage usage > Network usage. Here, you’ll find data usage associated with Google Drive, roaming, WhatsApp calls, status updates, messages, and overall usage. the foremost important downside is that there doesn’t seem to be a Wi-Fi versus cellular breakdown — it all gets lumped within the identical category.

7. View a breakdown of storage by contact…

This feature allows you to seem at a ranking of storage employed by contact. this will be often ranked by which contact or group uses the foremost storage on your phone. Click on a contact or group and you will see a breakdown of photos, messages, GIFs, videos, etc.

8. Then clear those files from your storage

You can do over just examine the contacts who hog all the storage. you’ll value more highly to wipe these files from your phone if you’d wish to.

All you’d wish to aim to try and do is visit the storage usage section yet again (Settings > Data and storage > Storage usage). From here, you choose a contact or group and tap unlock Space. you’ll then choose the categories in need of a cleanup within that contact/group. So if any group has 50MB of video clips in WhatsApp, and keep the Videos ticked while unticking everything else.

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