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It is a multi-genre-based quiz app, which is easy to play and entertain your mind. Mind twisting, engaging, and brain testing continues with the app inbuilt options like play with celebrity quiz, video, audio quiz, text quiz, and image quiz.

Trivia Earn is a quiz app along with Knowledge Gaining Platform too. Improve your brain’s general knowledge with daily feeds from the hand-picked sorted categories like Bollywood, sports, etc.


Trivia Earn is a quiz game that does not limit the entertainment features. Some unique and distinctive features are listed below: –


Different Topic-Based Quizzes: ✔

Trivia Earn quiz app offers different sets of question quizzes in the app based on various categories like – movies (Bollywood, Hollywood, etc.), kids cartoon, video quizzes, Indian art, and culture trivia quiz, word and numbers of trivia quiz, sports trivia quiz, science and technology trivia quiz, emoji quiz and many other entertaining topics


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