Treasure Hunt – A new way to get free money and gift cards

A new way to get free PayPal money & iTunes,Amazon,Google Play gift card!

Treasure Hunt – A new way to get free money and gift cards online. Quick and Simple!

In the vast expanse of space, there are countless undiscovered treasures. Come and explore together. All you need to do is tap the screen to fly the spaceship to the destination. Then you will get the reward.

All rewards:
– PayPal Cash
– Amazon Gift Cards
– Google Play Gift Cards
– iTunes Gift Cards
– Steam Gift Cards
– Xbox Gift Cards
– PlayStation Store Gift Cards

We will provide more rewards in the future. Also, you can change the reward you will get at any time and won’t lose the Miles.

Besides tapping the screen, you can use the following ways to fly the spaceship to the destination more quickly:
– Invite friends
– Input your friend’s referral code
– Get daily rewards

When the spaceship reaches the destination, you will get the reward. Then you can withdraw rewards to your PayPal account or Email in the “My Rewards” screen. We will send the reward to you within 48 hours. Please make sure the PayPal account and Email are available, or you will not receive the reward and need to withdraw again.

Important notes:
– Fake accounts and fake devices are not allowed.
– Using VPNs is not allowed.
– Please record your referral code and input your Email in the app before resetting or reinstalling the device OS. We need the information to recover your account. Besides, reinstalling the app won’t result in losing account data.

Referral Code ➡️EAHST

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