Top 7 best Android Emulator for pc 2019

These are the Top 7 Android Emulators in that you can use on your personal computer. Using an Android emulator is a great way to access Android apps on your computer. Many use an emulator for gaming to be able to use their keyboard, mouse or game controller. You can also run other types of Android apps as well. With so many emulators to choose from, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 7 Android Emulators for your PC. In testing, we looked at the features available, stability, ease of use, and the overall user experience to determine the best.

7. LD Player

Enjoy the excellent mobile operating system Android from your computer with LDPlayer, an android emulator. Unlike most emulators, which only offer up to Android 4.4, LDPlayer offers Android 5.1, meaning you can play many modern video games and enjoy other interesting features.

6. Tencent Gaming Buddy

Most PC Android emulators help emulate multiple Android apps and games onto PC. However, Tencent Gaming Buddy is a PUBG Mobile exclusive, at least in the global market. This means great optimization. Also, the tool is easy to install, requiring no VPN or account creation. You may download the tool and start playing the game within seconds. The tool also has quite a few customization options. It lets you customize PUBG Mobile’s control overlay.

5. TianTian App Player

There are many good Android Emulators for PC / Windows 10  , but none of them have support for 64-bit apps and games. As these emulators lack 64-bit architecture and many new games such as Fortnite for PC have requirements of 64-bit, we need to look for 64-bit android emulators. In this article we will cover TianTian App Player which is essentially a 64-bit Android Emulator for PC / Windows and perhaps has the potential to play Fortnite android game on Computer.


4. Droid4X

Recently, we talked a lot about the best Android emulators for PCs, but back then we somehow forgot to mention a key game changer of paramount importance. Droid4X is one of the top alternatives for running smartphone apps on PCs. It’s also highly compatible, and will even run well with today’s newest releases. Not only fully adapted to touch screens, with a wide array of options to choose from in terms of output resolution, but it also lets you make videos of any program running on your screen



The software is nothing less than the full Android experience, with all the features that the latest version of the popular mobile operating system has to offer. It runs fast, looks crisp and sharp and performs with no limitations – because it is 100% native Android running on your Windows hardware!

2. Appetize

Appetize this is online emulator this emulator best feature All device Use iphone all device and android all device use samsung and iphone 

1. Android Online Emulato

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