Top 5 must have android apps | Best Android app all time

Top 5 must have android apps | Best Android app all time | top best android apps 2019 | Android app
1. SMS Edit

The description of SMS Edit
You can load messages with this app and edit the message body, date, sender or recipient info, any way you want.

It can be useful if you want to fix any sms errors or just want to edit message.

Reviews are welcomed, you may leave it in the review section or drop me emails.

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2. HappyMod

The description of HappyMod
HappyMod is a group sourced mod network committed to giving 100% working mods to a great many players. 
In this network application, clients can transfer amusement mods, different clients test these mods, select the best mods. 
HappyMod, the android market to download the first mod and apk documents. Most mod applications are client tried, which functions admirably. We additionally have in excess of one mod for an android application. You can attempt what is the best and let us know in documentation, or leave a remark about it. We prescribe the best mod for clients. HappyMod expects to give 100% mod work to clients. 
The capacity of HappyMod: 
* Many prominent diversions and application with the mod 
* High nature of mod applications tried by clients. 
* Fast download speed 
* Safe to download with no infections 
Abbout Happymod : 
Download Games Apps Android the recreations you are endeavoring to seek effectively discovered, check them beneath of the writings, you can download them for nothing and play it soon as you download, bear in mind to request that your companion go with you when playing the diversions, it will be so much fun in the event that you request that your companion play together, on the off chance that you require some other amusements, simply discover it on Happy Mod , we give each diversion that you require. Get Yours Now.
take a note about Happymod : 
HappyMod is a crowd-sourced mod , happymod users can upload game mods and HappyMod the android market to download the original mod & apk files. in happymod you can download them for free and play it soon as you download

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3.Stalk Scan

The description of Stalk Scan
Stalk Scanner for Facebook

Look up public Facebook info with our stalk scanner tool

How to use Stalk Scan
1. Search for a public profile link from your Facebook target
2. Enter your link, add options if you like and click on “Scan”
3. Click on the information you want to get a detail list of.

Hint: If you stay logged in your own Facebook account you may get more information.

Why I should be logged in to my Facebook account?
Because an user can disable the results for people who are not on Facebook. Don’t worry, the target user will never know that you did a stalk scan on him.

Does Stalk Scan violate Facebook’s privacy settings?
No!Stalk Scan does not violate Facebook’s privacy settings. ‘Only me’ stays ‘only me’. It only shows hidden content you have access to.

In Detail

StalkScan is a tool that shows all public information for a given Facebook profile. It doesn’t involve any hack or hacking, it just displays public info from Facebook’s official graph search. Please be aware that results depend on privacy settings: if information is set to ‘friends only’ it will only show up for Facebook friends.

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4.Schedule Call SMS Wifi

★ You just forgot to call or send massages to your friends? You usually come in late? You forget to check your important emails. You need someone to remind for times. Let the phone become your personal secretary. Automatic reminders of the work and giving you good habits.

★ This free app will help you to inform you of the important facts. Remind you of the time medication, exercise, daily activities schedule. News timer checks, your mailbox. 

★ The app help you for automatic sms massages sending and call outgoing to your relatives, friends, colleagues or simply wake you up on time. Help your job is done correctly and in full. 

★ With the main functions such as: 
– Timer to run any application
– Reminds you of important events before they occur.
– Reminding list to do by displaying notification.
– Schedule call timer.. 
– Schedule sms timer.
– Set up music timer. 
– Timer send a message on messager app.
– Timer open a web browser with any website..
– Timer turn on or turn off wifi. 

– Timer to Change Mode (Normal, Vibrate, Mute).

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SAFE(Security Assessment Framework for Everyone) is a free mobile application which monitors the security posture of an Android device. It does real-time assessments to generate the SAFE Score, a number (between 0 to 5), which helps to visualise, track, and enhance the cybersecurity posture of the underlying device.

The application follows the benchmarks and global standards provided by Mitre Corporation, US, CIS(Center for Internet Security), US and uses data sources like NVD(National Vulnerability Database) by NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology), US and Android security bulletin by Google to determine the SAFE score.

The SAFE score is a number from 0.01 – 5.00. The higher is the score, the better is the security status of a device. The overall SAFE score is derived from four verticals on which the device is monitored viz. Device Settings, Active Connections, Installed Applications, and the Operating System. After security assessment, we get the following scores corresponding to the verticals indicating the security status and we create the SAFE score using these numbers using the patent-pending model:

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