Top 5 Game Speed Booster For Android BMI – Working All Device – Best Gaming Mode App For gamer in 2021


There might be a chance that you’re not happy playing games on Android due to performance issues. Although a game’s performance depends on a  device’s hardware, you can still use a variety of tricks to enhance Android’s gaming capabilities. Games with less graphical detail might be of no issue; you certainly need the best when it comes to game booster apps for Android.

There are plenty of paid and free game optimizers for Android that can substantially improve your device’s performance when playing games. To save your time, we’ve prepared a list of the best game speedup apps for Android phones and devices. Top 5 Games Booster Apps for BMI

1. iGamer – Gaming Mode & Game Booster | Gaming Tools


Major Features

Gaming Mode : Configure game mode globally or per-app basis.

Monitors : Smart monitors to measure FPS and PING in real time.

Screen Recorder : The most advanced screen recorder with tons of features.

Features in details

>>> Advanced Gaming mode – Enhance your gaming experience and Play Without any disturbance.

✓ Game Booster : Boost your games with the most affective booster which uses same algorithm as Arcade Booster. and use in-app whitelist feature to keep important background apps running.

✓ Call Blocker : Avoid disturbance by automatically Block incoming Calls.

✓ Notifications Blocker : Block unwanted notifications during gameplay with handy feature to whitelist important ones.

✓ Prioritize network : Keep your ping online and fast by giving the network priority to your game.

✓ Disable auto Brightness : Control brightness and set it to your desire level to avoid accidentally covering the ambient light sensor and lowering brightness.

✓ Customize Volume : Change Ringtone, Media, Alarm and Notification Volume.

✓ DND : do not disturb during gameplay

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Download Link click here.

2. Gaming Mode – Game Experience Booster


The one and only Gaming Mode game booster app is super easy and fun to use. Comes with a full set of free features to turbo charge your gaming experience.
Get smoother game play in one touch. Gaming Mode game booster app will fix lag, bug, and ping issues resulting in optimized performance.
By freeing up memory and cleaning up RAM, you can experience maximum performance on all your favorite apps and games.
Configure Gaming Mode once, and it will automatically do the rest for you.
Boost apps that are slow and lagging, increase game performance, play games faster, and unleash your full gaming potential.
What features does it configure automatically?
✓ Auto Reject Incoming calls.
✓ Block notifications.
✓ Clear Background Apps to free up RAM & Boost Performance.
✓ Unlock max speed FPS and Fix Lag.
✓ Disable auto brightness & set it to your desired level.
✓ Change WiFi state.
✓ Change Ringtone & Media Volume.
✓ Create widgets to launch games directly from your device home screen.
✓ Enable Auto Mode that automatically detects game/app and applies configured settings and reverts it back to original after exiting the game/app.
✓ Whitelist apps from notification blocking.
✓ Whitelist apps to prevent them from getting cleared from background.
✓ Boosts your gaming experience (game booster).
✓ Fix high ping.
✓ Close unused apps.
✓ Beast Mode – max phone capabilities.

3. Jack Game Booster 🔥Faster, Smoother & GFX Tool


✨🌍This is the new area of a legend!
Boost Your Device’s Performance, Optimize the CPU, RAM for Gaming, Get Max Performance with One Tap☝🏻
Light GFX Tool
✅ Change resolution
✅ Unlock HDR graphics on low end devices
✅ Unlock the extreme FPS levels
Accelerate Your Game Speed – Faster & Smoother
🔥 Get Super Fast Game Experience, Play Like A Pro
🕹 Clear background apps to free up RAM (random-access memory)
🔫 Smart without lags, fixing bug effectively
💥 Unleash the real performance to see your android device max potential
Download Banned App – Unblock Global Server VPN
🔥 Enjoy all the games, Never Worry About being Restricted
🤟 Jack Game Booster features India, Brazil, Australia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, server
🦸‍♂️ Unlimited and stable global servers. Hide your real IP, encrypted internet traffic

4. Game Booster Free GFX- Lag Fix


🔥 Features
✔️ One touch boost.
✔️ Turbo boost
✔️ Network listener lag fix
🔥 GFX Tool
✔️ Game view up tp 2560 Resolution
✔️ HDR Game Graphics: Activate / simulate the HDR graphics on old devices.
✔️ INSANE FPS: Configuration for the INSANE FPS level.
🔥 Turbo Boost
✔️ Checks for system stability and fixes issues
✔️ Boosts the device for benchmarks
✔️ Use artifical intelligence to optimize your device for game
✔️ HDR image quality
✔️ Clear memory for RAM-Free Tweak
🔥 Hardware Monitor
✔️ RAM Usage
✔️ Network Latency
✔️ Battery Temperature
– No heating for 801 snapdragon !
– No heating for 820 snapdragon !
– No heating for 821 snapdragon !
– Get the maximum fps with this app No heating for all devices !
– Reduce the CPU load !
• 100% Safe, every gamer must use this app. It’s free.

5. Game Booster | Launcher – Faster & Smoother Games


The original Game Booster app from 2009 gives you the most complete gaming experience possible.

Game Launcher

With Game Booster, you can collect all your games in one place. Don’t waste time searching for the game you want to play, use that precious time for the game!

Find and play your games in the Game Launcher with one tap!

Manage your game collection with ease.

Optimize Your Gaming Performance!

You want to see how your device is performing. Or maybe your games are lagging, running slower than you expected, and you want to understand where the problem lies.

Monitoring the game’s FPS can help you understand and fix the problem.

FPS describes how smoothly the game you’re playing runs on your device. The more frames that fit in a second, the smoother the game will be. Frame rates lower than 30 FPS will cause you to feel lags in the game and lessen your enjoyment of the game.
Thanks to Game Booster’s FPS Monitor, you can monitor the FPS of the game you are playing (Not supported by all games). Knowing your framerate can help make sure you’re playing the game at the best possible performance.

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