Top 5: Best Offline Games for android 2021

we’re all gamers right all day every day but what happens when you’re on an airplane or just somewhere without a decent signal as the gaming world moves more and more online we need to look harder for those gems that’ll keep us going even when we are internet less hey folks i’m IQBAL Haider and today i’m back with 5 new offline games for 2021

5) The Infernus Paradise

Infernus paradise you might think this is just a standard racing game but once you actually give it a try it’ll probably change your genre conventions a bit to say the least your main objective is to get from point a to point b through any means necessary which usually means massive jumps nitro boosts and healthy amounts of speed overall it’s a good game that offers decent controls in polygon style graphics however the game mechanisms are a bit annoying

Game size=104M

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4) Gangster City

gangster city if you like open world action games this is definitely an interesting one this game is action-packed you’ll have to go up against a small army of relentless gangsters each of whom won’t hesitate to mow you down with their guns you have to wipe up all these enemies in order to complete the missions overall it’s a great offline game for low-end device users

 Game size=41M

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3) Cover Hunter Game

cover hunter this game is a pure action shooting game in which the main objectives are to wipe out enemy troops and dominate the battlefield cover hunter offers various modes of play with heaps of challenging missions so it’s not a boring game the graphics and sound quality are very decent which makes this title quite attractive

Game size=72M

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2) Ninja Arashi 2

ninja arashi 2 this is part 2 in the series of action adventure games released by black panther once again you’re accompanied by the talented hero arashi on a new journey with some new missions it’s quite similar to stickman games giving you the feeling of satisfaction over experience the story of the game is organized into levels overall ninja arashi 2 is a fascinating action game with interesting content and lots of features for you to explore the controls of the game are simple and intuitive the plot is loose but interesting and the graphics are vivid within the action scenes 

Game size=127M

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1) Last Fishing

last fishing monster clash this one is a 3d action adventure fishing game where your objective is to survive on an island while trying to catch monster fish to that effect you’ll need to jump into the skin of a pirate fisherman pick up a fishing rod some tools and bait supplies in order to catch the fish overall it’s a fun fishing game that offers 3d graphics and a better fishing experience on mobile finally

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