Top 5 Android APPS | Latest 5 android apps | best android Apps 2019

Hello! The Best App on this Sunday All App so Amazing and Download all app and  use and  Happy 💘  
Top 5 Android APPS | Latest 5 android apps | best android Apps 2019 

5. Surveillance & Monitoring – TrackView

TrackView has many more features than other security monitoring apps.
TrackView offers in-app purchase. No equipment to buy, no messy wires, you can install TrackView on your device in less than one minute!
Please try the free features first before purchase. We do not process refund. Thanks.


4. Incoming Call Lock

Incoming Call Lock is the best security app for locking incoming call available on play store. This is a must have application. This application will protect your phone’s Incoming call to be picked by some one else. This application will not allow any one to see the caller’s number, name or any other details as the password input screen will be up on the screen. Incoming Call Lock gives you flexibility to use it as per your instruction.


3.Fake Chat Whatsapp

t can be used to joke with your friends making them believe you are actually chatting!
You can Create fake conversation chats and edit every detail!
Once finished creating the fake conversation you can make a screenshot and send it to your friends.
With Fake Text, you can do all that and more! Fake Text is an application that simulates an incoming text with customizable sender name and time delay


2.Spapp Monitoring

This website more information Website link in below


1. Contacts Backup–Excel & Email

C2X (Contacts Backup–Excel & Email) is the easiest and most reliable tool to backup your contacts. It reads every single detail of all of your contacts, converts them into a Microsoft Excel file and emails the file to you.
* Export all your contacts with a single tap.
* Get all your contacts straight into your mailbox.
* Contacts are emailed in Excel format which is easy to read.
* Restoring is as simple as scanning a QR code (Paid).
* Ads free
* Restore your contacts on a range of devices. (Android and iPhone supported at the moment)

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