Top 4 Best Online Earn money from Android apps


4) SnackVideo

Online Earn money from Android apps

🤣🤣🤣 SnackVideo aik naye party hy short aur mazhakakhaiz videos k leye! Ap ko milsakte hay dilchasp , mazhakakhaiz aur dil ko bhani wali videos SnackVideo pr. Ap ne serf dekhna hy , aur usi chez my mashghol rehna hy jo ap ko pasand ho, aur chor sakte ho jo ap ko nahe pasand.ap k samne hoga na khatam hone wala short videos ka silsila jo jis my ap ka pasand ap k leye khod bakhod chuna jayega. Online Earn money from Android apps

Sirf aik scrool ky fasly pr videos daryaft kar ly, mazaq , mzah , tafreeh , khabry , paltu janwar , khail waghera smait har trah ky dilchasp videos daiky.

Ap ky liye khas taur pr mukhtas karda videos ap daikh sakte hy. Ap jo daikhte ho pasand karte ho aur share karte ho , us pr mabni aik zati noeat ka video fead ap k leye mukhtas kiya jata hy. SnakeVideo ap ko ap ky pasand ki videos hi dikhaye ga jo ap ki din banayega .


Trending pages snack pr daryaft kary. Snack video pr tranding safha tayar kiya gaya hy ta ke is bat ko yaqeene banaya ja sake k , sarfeen ka sabse pasandida content har aik ko dikhaya ja sake.

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3) Roaster Earn

Roaster Earn Cash Rewards and google play gift card for (FREE) 2021

Roaster Earn gives you the chance to win some magnificent prizes, completely for FREE.

There is no secret payment involved. Unlike the other similar apps in Play Store, Roaster Earn takes way less time to reach


the intended goal. Being active and dedicated user, is what’s going to make you a WINNER.

In our app the main objective is to collect virtual points, which you can use to claim a huge variety of eCards, Vouchers, Gift Cards and Premium Rewards. There are many types of eCards and Vouchers, including Amazon Vouchers, Google Play Gift Cards, PayPal Gift Cards, Apple iTunes and much more. Online Earn money from Android apps

Roaster Earn Cash Rewards and google play gift card for (FREE) 2021


Math Challenges

✔ Addition Game

✔ Subtraction Game

Or some other traditional tasks

✔ Fill Captcha & Earn Coins

✔ Fortune Wheel – Spin & Earn

✔ Scratch Cards – Scratch & Earn

✔ Fill Surveys – 400 coins per survey & 1200 coins with VIP Membership.

Roaster Earn Cash Rewards and google play gift card for (FREE) 2021

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2) MyDailyCash


With MyDailyCash you can earn money with your smartphone and have it paid out to your PayPal account. earn money by playing games PayPal

The more active you are in the app and participate in tasks, the more money you earn.

The payout takes only a few hours to days! best paytm cash earning games


How does it work?

1. Sign up on MyDailyCash

2. Complete tasks

3. Send your balance to PayPal

Try us out today!

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1) Knife Go

Crazy fruit ! enjoy the blast of fruits ,taste the sweet juice.

how to play:

1. Choose a handy weapon

2. Aiming at the rotating fruits

3. Tap the screen to release the weapon, hit fruits.

All you need to do is play any of our games and collect at least one ticket to be entered into the frequent cash prize draws.  The more tickets you collect the higher your chance of winning the cash prize!  Check back at draw time to see if your name is on the winning ticket! The winning prize is paid out through a Paypal money transfer. Online Earn money from Android apps

It’s very simple, every draw we are sharing back a portion of our advertising revenue with one lucky winner.  The larger our user base grows the more dollars we will give back. There are no in app purchases and no paying to win.  We are calling our model Free-2-Win and we are very proud of it, so download Super Slash and check it out for your chance to win free cash!  Why would you play anything else?


So what are you waiting for? Download Super Slash today to unlock more awesome games, and get greater cash rewards for FREE!  Using Super Slash, anyone can make money simply by playing free games at home, in the bus station, on the metro, or in the subway etc. ANYWHERE! 

Try this amazing fruits game and become a master of slicing fruits!

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