Top 3 android apps for android | best android apps 2019

1. Call Global – Free International Phone Calling App

Call world – free occupation app with wireless fidelity or cellular knowledge.

Call world app will assist you to contact your all global friends, to any mobile & subscriber line, although they need no network access.

Install to got 2000 credits, build decision currently. invite to got 5000 credits.

No contract, no hidden fees, higher than any low-cost international decision app.

Call world decisioning app is VOIP telephony app, support G.729 G.711 etc, it build free international calls from world countries.

2. All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!

With All huntsman Family you can:
• Share your Location, Phone Calls, Camera, Microphone, etc. to others
• Monitor Notifications send out standing bar from any apps, like Messengers, WhatsApp, Viber etc.
• Do Screen Mirroring in real time – stream screen of your phone to any browser
• Monitor Location by GPS chase, Phone Calls, Camera, electro-acoustic transducer from your devices
• Monitor your home with live video chase from phones camera
• Monitor surroundings with live audio chase from phones electro-acoustic transducer
• Decide for every account a group of permissions you wish to grant
• you’ll be continually NOTIFIED whenever a number of your shared accounts request associate degree action to your phone
• you’ll be able to continually see the log of all requests done to your phone
• Accounts that get access to your phone don’t got to install any extra apps, all access to chase is on the net (

3.Shadow – Kid’s

The description of Shadow – Kid’s Key feller
Shadow may be a observance robot application that is specially developed for the fogeys. Shadow also will assist you once one in all your friend raise your phone to use for 10 minutes,but you don’t trust him or her.

So what are you able to do is, you’ll be able to merely activate SHADOW and provides phone to your friend. once he/her come your phone once more ,you can certify whether or not he or she did Associate in Nursing unnecessary/inappropriate things on your phone. SHADOW can record each key event he or she created throughout that point as well as very helpful data like Applications he used,Time they use them, key events and etc.

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