Top 10 Upcoming NEW Games of December 2020

Top 10 Upcoming NEW Games of December 2020

2020 is slowly coming to a close for better or worse despite the ps5 and xbox series xns launching november alongside several new titles december has quite a few big games in store here are 10 of them to look forward to and play during the holidays starting with the long awaited

1) cyberpunk 2077

after numerous delays night city wire episodes and seemingly insurmountable hype cyberpunk 2077 is definitely assuredly 99.9 for sure releasing this month we hope there’s a lot to look forward to whether it’s choosing one of three life paths or pursuing the story or simply cruising around night city completing scanner hustles and interacting with the citizenry there’s an extensive arsenal of weaponry cyberware and demons to experiment with not to mention an entire world of braindance to get lost in all while conversing with johnny silverhand played by keanu reeves cyberpunk 2077 releases for xbox one ps4 pc and google stadia on december 10th hopefully

2) call of the sea 

out of the blues first-person adventure title arrives next month following the tale of nora as she travels to a strange island in the south pacific to locate her missing husband inspired by the works of lovecraft call of the sea focuses more on a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere as opposed to horror players explore locations solve puzzles and take in the sights while piecing together the truth releasing on december 8th for xbox one xbox series xns and pc call of the sea will also be available on xbox game pass at launch 

3) kronos before the ashes 

before one was traveling to different dimensions and dodge rolling with firearms there was the labyrinth set before remnant from the ashes kronos before the ashes sees players venturing into said labyrinth and defeating the evils within the twist is that dying results in expulsion which means returning a year later thus do players begin their journey as a spry souls-like adventurer before having to rely on their wits and magic to survive as they mature over the years kronos before the ashes is out on december 1st for xbox one ps4 pc google stadia and nintendo switch 

4) worms rumble

for years the worm series has dominated its niche in the multiplayer space with its tried and true turn-based formula but with the upcoming worms rumble things are certainly changing with real-time action a new battle royale mode a focus on cosmetic customization and more worms rumble is hoping to be the franchise’s first step into a new era and we’ve certainly been curious to see how it all goes the game launches on pc ps5 and ps4 on december 1st 

5) twin mirror

developed by a separate team at the life is strange studio twin mirror is ultimately a tale of mystery and duality it sees sam an investigative journalist returning to his hometown in basswood west virginia things aren’t what they seem though and the player will interact with various townsfolk deciding who to trust while dealing with the double sam’s inner voice that also means investigating different events and piecing together clues with the unique mind palace while questioning the truth twin mirror is out on december 1st for xbox one ps4 and pc 

6) minecraft dungeons howling peaks dlc

mo yang has a lot more content on the way for minecraft dungeons starting with the howling peaks dlc the central theme of this paid dlc is stormy wins and will introduce new loot to grind for but that’s not all there will also be a free update which adds a new difficulty setting along with new mountainous environments players can expect new enemies new gear the power of the wind itself and more it’s out sometime in december 

7) immortals phoenix rising 

in the midst of more serious offerings like watchdogs legion and assassin’s creed valhalla immortals phoenix rising is much less heavy material for ubisoft it sees a greek soldier named phoenix washing ashore off the golden isle and battling the titan typhon to rescue the pantheon while exploring the lush colorful world and battling mythical foes players will also deal with prometheus and zeus as narrators each offering their own take on events and humorously clashing immortals phoenix rising is out on xbox one xbox series x and s ps4 ps5 google stadia pc and switch on december 3rd 

8) haven 

a co-op rpg about two lovers exploring a strange world isn’t quite what you’d expect from the team behind the twitch-based fury nevertheless the game baker’s haven has looked appealing since day one focusing on the struggles of you and k as they scavenge for parts battle the local wildlife cook meals with a quest for freedom and love ultimately went out well we’ll find out when haven launches december 3rd for xbox one xbox series x and s ps4 ps5 pc and switch 

9) mxgp 2020

with many of the big name racers out of the way this year mxgp 2020 looks to round things out in its usual fashion sporting bikes and riders from more than 110 brands while offering a track editor and dedicated servers for online play the title is certainly looking to improve on past experiences if previous games are any indication it could end up being another solid racing title releasing on december 16th mx gp 2020 is coming to previous and current gen consoles along with pc 

10) override 2 

super mech league big mech battles are back with override 2 super mech league it features 20 robots with all kinds of over-the-top abilities and customization for players to mess around with a new career mode allows for earning influence for one’s club and taking on all challenges local and online multiplayer for up to four players also returns with modes like free for all xenoswarm king of the hill and more battle it out on december 22nd when override 2 launches on xbox series x and s ps4 ps5 xbox one nintendo switch and pc

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