Tomb Raider Mobile FAN MADE GAME


Tomb Raider Mobile is a new part of the long-running series about Lara Croft and her acrobatic and archaeological abilities. The new game is completely separate from the rest of the games in the series – after all, the entire series is restarted from scratch with this game. In Tomb Raider, a young Lara, who is twenty-one years old, will find herself on a mysterious island, where she finds herself after a shipwreck caused by a mysterious storm. From now on, Lara will have to fight for her life with bandits, wild animals and mystical “guardians of the storm”, with whom the ancient mystery of the island is connected.



In Tomb Raider for Android and iOS, players will explore a huge island, walking back and forth on it. The world of the game is open, which allows Lara to go almost anywhere, although some places can only be reached through the plot or after obtaining certain skills. The heroine will not only travel and get treasures, but also defend herself from adversity, in which she will need several types of various firearms, as well as a bow, with which Lara will be armed throughout the game.

Tomb Raider Mobile Demo is running on Unreal Engine 5 for Android & iOS Devices.

How to install Tomb Raider Mobile (UE5) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Tomb Raider Mobile (UE5) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

Please Wait For 10 Seconds…

Download Link click here.

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