SIX.A Raider Mission Latest Version (APK + OBB)

SIX.A Raider Mission is a battle royale FPS Game like Pub-G and and free fire b attle royale and this game only for mobile phones now t hese games are currently in testing guys This game is now only available in indonesia server if you download  SIX.A Raider Mission download Latest Version in india then You can download For this the given file has to be downloaded  You can also download this game from playstor

SIX.A Raider Mission game is similar to PUBG game but this game is not released in India yet, if you want to play SIX.A Raider Mission game in India then you can play this game in India by installing VPN application i am given the download link.

SIX.A Raider Mission is an FPS game specially designed for mobile phones,now beta version only available in Indonesia developed with the UE4 Engine.

It is a battle royale game you can feel the tension while fighting as its designed with minor specifications details kept in mind, the graphics are such unique and beautiful that the picture quality gives feeling similar to console games.

On par with all the latest battle royale games available it provides smoothest, most realistic controls on mobile.

It is the newest masterpiece of the battle royale game! with the Innovative masterpiece of combined FPS gameplay! Game with fast-paced battle, death race begins!

Some of the best features of the game are

*Can fight alone . Defeat Titans

*Can also seize resources with partners

*Collect Diamonds

*Riding a Helicopter

*Different mechanism guns

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Download Link click here.

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