Resident Evil 2 Mobile APK+OBB Fan Made Game

Resident Evil 2 Mobile is a survival horror computer game published for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Android iOS Mobile. A remake of the 1998 game of the same name.

The storyline campaign of the game follows rookie police officer Leon Scott Kennedy and student Claire Redfield as they try to escape from the zombie-infested city of Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 2 Mobile Android iOS is a survival horror game. Unlike the original 1998 game, the remake’s game world is presented with full-fledged three-dimensional levels. The game camera has also undergone changes: the remake uses a third-person perspective with a view “over the shoulder” of the protagonist, while the original uses a “static” camera.

Resident Evil 2 Mobile on Android iOS features a varied arsenal of weapons, including firearms, throwing weapons (such as flash bangs, frag grenades) and melee weapons. Different types of firearms require different types of ammunition. Cartridges can be found in levels or crafted with matching ingredients. Also, firearms can be upgraded. As a melee weapon, the player can use a knife, which eventually wears out and becomes unusable. All weapons, ammunition and other items are stored in the character’s inventory, which is initially represented by 8 slots and can subsequently be expanded with the help of hip bags, each of which increases the capacity by 2 slots. Items from the inventory can be thrown away and lost forever or transferred to one of the boxes.

The events of the game Resident Evil 2 Mobile Android iOS take place 2 months after the incident in the Arklay Mountains. The T-virus was modified by a scientist working for the Umbrella Corporation, William Birkin, one of the creators of the T-virus. The scientist worked in a secret underground laboratory in Raccoon City. A modified version, called the G-virus, was needed by the corporation, and Umbrella sends its special forces for the virus. Due to the incident between William Birkin and the soldiers, samples of the G- and T-viruses were spilled into the sewers next to which there was a secret laboratory, and the sewer rats spread the virus throughout the city. Mass infection began.

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