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You play, we pay. 💰

In Pubmode, you can earn UC and royal pass by playing games.

The system is very straightforward. You collect coins by playing in-app games or taking surveys. Then you can redeem UC from the store section, using the coins you collected.

Playing games is not the only way to get coins. Also you can get coins by inviting people to the app. Get your special link from the invite section. When someone signed up to the app using your link you will get 50 coins. By this way, you can earn coins while you sleep. 😉

You can see the players which are has the most coins in the leaderboard section. If you collect enough coins, you can see your name in the TOP100 leaderboard.

You can take surveys to get coins in the surveys section. If you complete a survey successfully, you will get your reward instantly.

In the recent purchases section, you can see the player which are redeemed their UC recently. As same of the leaderboard, if you redeem UC from the store, you can see your name in this section.

We are also constantly adding new ways to earn coins on the app. Catch the bonus events and get free coins.

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Download Pubmode to get free UC and Diamonds

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