New GTA 5 Mobile Copy From India – Android Indian Bikes Driving 3D


GTA 5 Mobile Copy

Drive the most famous Bikes and the world through challenging roads that will test all your skills as a driver

Cellphone cheat codes:

Splendor – 9000

Helicopter – 8000

Bag – 2

Car – 2222

New KTM – 1190

Duke – 4215

KTM – 1210

Pulsar – 1211

Super jump – 1215

Infinity Health – 9129

Skyfall – 1120

Slow motion – 1112

Moon gravity – 7112

GTA 5 Mobile Copy

GTA 5 Mobile Copy

GTA 5 Mobile Copy

Indian Bikes Driving 3D is an incredibly realistic simulator where you can take control of many types of sports bikes. Drive across vast city locations, perform dangerous stunts, accelerate to unimaginable speeds and test all kinds of powerful motorcycles!

The gameplay is not limited by anything; you will have at your disposal a fairly large open location, in which various structures and modules are located for performing skillful maneuvers. There you can find both high and low jumps, container walkways leading to the roofs of buildings and much more. Each bike model has its own unique driving characteristics, from which they can be used for different purposes.

Thanks to realistic physics, all stunts are performed in much the same way as in real life. The controls of the motorcycle are quite complex, but allow for complete control. There are front and rear brakes, a gas button, headlights, and you can freely change the viewing angle. Upgrade your driver skills and become one of the coolest bikers!

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