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A brand new puzzle game with simple operation and novel and interesting gameplay.In this game, you will experience innovative modes. Match three identical elements to successfully pass the level!

Getting started is very simple, you can gradually learn from simple to difficult, and gradually overcome challenges.

Once you master the technique, you will become addicted!

Click the upper square, and then place three identical squares in the box to eliminate them. The faster you eliminate, the higher the score you get!

After all squares are eliminated, the game wins! Teethe game recommended to everyone today was title time it was a game for elimination click here this is a gift reward you need to get 19 stars in the game to get the reward the following function is that as long as you reach level 10 of the game you can get the reward here was a VIP top-up function including removing the advertisement broadcast in the game unlocking all the features in the game in the task card center there were different PayPal cards for exchange and there were corresponding conditions you can exchange four different gift cards here even the diamond could be exchanged for different items 

after entering the invitation page you can also exchange for PayPal this is the function set for inviting friends let’s start to test the game the game technique was to click three similar patterns to erase them if the box with the PayPal icon was removed successfully one could also obtain a reward each level could get four PayPal rewards on average and the amount of rewards each time was about five dollar on average there was also a chance to get more than 4 000 diamond rewards when you complete the game quest you will jump out of the small reward box 

How to play?

Put three identical squares into the box and eliminate all squares on the scene!

After winning the game, enter the next challenge level!

Requires attention!

After the box is full, the game is over!

Game Features:

-Different levels.

-Just click and execute your reaction!

-Different modes, suitable for people of all ages.

-Addictive gameplay anytime!

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