Mass effect infiltrator apk

Mass Effect: Infiltrator – shooter on Android from the gaming industry giant Electronic Arts. In this insanely beautiful “shooter” with modern three-dimensional graphics, You are invited to spend time in the role of a former agent of scientific-industrial organization “Cerberus”. Your mission is to fight with the “Cerberus” and stop to make a reality of the criminal plans of the Phantom – the cruel head of the Corporation. And the rest of the script You will learn during the game.




let me tell you about the possibilities: in addition to excellent graphics, interesting scenario and rich-world games, Mass Effect: Infiltrator almost match those in the original version of the console. This means that the game should not just run and shoot without stopping, but also use the tactics and strategy of combat, sneak up behind someone to hide… At the end of the level for the received currency, you can buy new or improve old weapons.

the office did not invent anything new, so you have to adapt or buy a special joystick for Android devices, because in any quality shooter, tapaya on the screen does not clear up. The more skills a character has, the more required keys.

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