Marvel Spider-Man APK Suit Cat Backpack (Spider Man Fan Made Android) – MisterAlex


Name: SpiderMan Miles

Status: Beta

Developer: Mister Alex

Size: 132 MB

Genre: Open World

Internet: Offline

Platform: Android & iOS

Sys. Req: 3GB RAM

Although not the original owner and just a fan-made game product from the original console to Android, Marvel Spider-Man still retains the original great sense of fun.

Marvel Spider-Man is brought to Android quite detailed, with enough interior maps for every building. You can freely move and explore not only on the street, on the walls but also inside the buildings. There is no limit to Spider-Man’s moves. You can go anywhere you want on the map. The more proficient the move, the faster the ability to explore the city, track down criminals, and prevent cars.

When playing, to optimize the game’s graphics, you can also choose Low Poly for the full experience even when using a phone that is not too high-end.

Download Marvel Spider-Man APK for Android

Marvel Spider-Man, is a quality fan-game to expand its influence and give Android users the exciting experiences that are just available on consoles. The game looks easy but it’s not easy to play. But when you are well acquainted with the operations, walking and performing tasks in the city becomes extremely interesting and exciting.

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