LootBoy app: How to Get Free Fire Diamonds

Hello Friends, with today’s application, you will be able to earn from 25rs to 50rs vaccines comfortably. With today’s application, you will be able to earn a lot more. And with today’s application you will be able to take paytm cash. And then you can also take Google’s gift card from that paytm cash and later you can also get diamonds in free fire. 

Here you will find many types of earning methods 
Here you can earn more and more by spinning. This is a very good and easy option to earn. 

You can earn a lot by scratching too. In this application you will also get the option of scratch card so that you can earn by scratching. 

In this app, you will also get the option of daily bonus where you can earn by signing in daily. And to claim daily bonus you have to do 15 spins and 10 scratches daily. 

This is what awaits you:
⭐ Valuable content and in-game currency for the best games on console, PC and smartphone
⭐ Full games for Steam and other gaming platforms
⭐ Credit and discount codes for the best shops & subscriptions offering gaming, hardware, fashion, streaming and more
⭐ Cool promotions & events with guaranteed content and stunning prizes
⭐ Diamond quests & daily boosts that let you get everything for free!
⭐ Exclusive comic with a new thrilling episode every Friday

And this is how it works:
👉 Select a Premium LootPack for your favourite game or offer
👉 Tear open the LootPack and collect cards in your inventory
👉 Redeem your content by activating a card – or shred it for LootCoins in order to get new packs
👉 Collect Diamonds & LootCoins for more free LootPacks

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