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Knife Hit – an exciting flippy knife game, shoot the knives to win the huge reward and pass the level.

Knife Hit provides the challenging gameplay of knife shooting and hitting. Trust yourself to refresh your best record.

Do not hesitate, start to throw the knife now! You’ll be the master of the knife!


How to Play:

Aim the target log, tap your screen and hit and break bosses one by one. The more you hit, the more knives you can obtain. Hit bosses in every 5 stages and win huge prizes!

Move your finger, throw a flippy knife at the target and break them. Hit the target to collect more styles of knives. Every five levels will greet the boss level, defeat the boss to get a rare flippy knife.

Game features

► Knife Cash is a brain booster puzzle game that triggers your mind as you play.

► Simple and clean interface

► Easy to control and stress-free gameplay

►Wi-Fi or Internet

► Entertaining and relaxing game-play that will make you stay focused.

► More than 100+ knives styles

► Endless level mode

► A boss level appears every 5 levels

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