Instant Rewards – Earn Free google play redeem code in india

Earn Money and get Free Coupons, Redeem Codes on Instant Reward when you play free games.The more you play, the more you earn. You can earn Redeem Codes, Diamonds, and much more!

The best money-earning app that gives you free rewards when you play games, Submit surveys, Refer the app to your friends and do specific app-based tasks. Earning free money has never been so easy and fun!

Earn coins and redeem the coins to get free vouchers of your favorite Games or just straight cash! The best way to utilize your free time and earn cash is by doing specific tasks or just by playing favorite games or installing the best quality apps from the play store!



How you can earn money and get free Redeem Codes?

👉 First Select the task that you want to do

👉 Verify how many coins you will receive based on the task you do

👉 Do the task and get rewards in coins

👉 Use the coins to redeem your favorite Games Credits

👉 Get Higher Discounts on Redeem Codes & Games Credits in Spin the Wheel

⭐Install and play games

When you install and play games you can earn coins based on the time you play. The more you play the game, the more you earn! Get access to money-earning games.


⭐Submit surveys

Fill interesting surveys and earn coins when you submit the surveys. The more surveys you fill the more your earn!

⭐Refer and Earn


Refer to the app and you can earn Coins The best example of earning while you sleep. A great source of passive income!

⭐Do tasks

Do digital tasks like install app, register on specific app you can earn a lot of coins when you complete tasks on your smartphone.



So what are you waiting for download the Instant Reward app for free and put your free time to use and earn money through your phone The best rewards app that gives you free Redeem codes & Games Credits, and much more. Free money earning app that always rewards you more as you do more tasks. Earning money has never been so simple and fun

New games, tasks, and Surveys appear every week so keep an eye on that and earn even more! Play and earn Redeem Codes with Instant Reward

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