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HeyPrizes – Get Free Gift Card & Money or Prizes

heyprizes are the answer to all these questions !!! best place to earn money or prizes and gift cards on your phone by simple tasks like completing surveys, watch videos, playing with games, or Refer your friends, sending emails, You will get coins that can be exchanged we have all all payment methods

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We provide a wide range of Free prizes like paypal money, playstation/psn gift card, google play, gift card,amazon, free fire diamond, facebook Game, walmart shop, steam gift balance, itunes gift IOS, fortnite v-bucks, & much more! If you are looking for a gift card that isn’t available in the app then contact us and we will do our best to add it.

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How does it work ?

1. Register with Heyprizes

2. Participate in surveys to get coins

4. playing with games

3.refer friends or family or audience

3. Exchange your coins for prizes credits, Amazon vouchers, and many other gifts cards.

🎁 Save time and money with heyprizes 🎁

If you have free time and want to use that time, you can use simple surveys or easy task to earn fast money or prizes. You sit at the kitchen table in the morning and earn credit with heyprizes while you enjoy a coffee. You can get your phone out during your break at work or any other opportunity and earn vouchers and rewards with just a few clicks. You still lack a little money on PayPal to fill your next wish? Earn PayPal credit easily by answering some opinion polls. With heyprizes, absolutely anyone can earn an extra salary.


Payment : 48 H

We do not allow the use of a VPN, and anyone who does will be exposed to account closure.

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