How To Earn Free Google Play Gift Vouchers With mRewards App

Friends, do you play games like Free Fire and BGMI from people and want to get Diamonds and UC by topping up for free inside their AIIMS, or if you want to get free Google Play gift cards, then today you guys are perfect. Come to the article. Friends, today in this article, I will tell you about an application from which you can get Free Fire Diamonds, BGMI UC and even Google Play Gift Vouchers for free, that too without any investment.

App Name: mRewards

App Size: 9.6MB

App Ratings: 4.6

App Download: 10K+

mRewards App is a very best Earning Application from which you can get Paytm Cash, Free Fire Diamonds, BGMI UC and Google Play Gift Card absolutely free of cost. In this application, you can collect coins by playing games and completing small offers and using the same coins you can get Paytm cash or Google Play gift card. With this application, you get your payment within 24 hours. And the most important thing about this application is that you do not need to invest a single penny inside this application, you can earn from here for free.

How To Earn In This App?

To earn google play gift card and paytm cash from this application you have to collect coins inside this application. You will find many options inside this application to collect coins like Daily Bonus, Spin The Wheel, Lucky Scratch, Complete Offers and many more.

Daily Bonus

From this application you will get 100 coins as daily bonus. 100 coins in the application means ₹ 1. If you want, you can also take this Daily Bonus in your Paytm Wallet, but for that you will have to complete about two offers.

Spin The Wheel

If you want to collect more coins with less effort from this application, then you can use this option. You can collect around 500 to 1000 coins through Spin The Wheel option.

Lucky Scratch

With Lucky Scratch, you can easily collect coins by just scratching a few cards. By which option you can collect around 100 to 200 coins.

Complete Offers

If you people want to collect more and more then people can collect more coins by completing offers. In return for completing each of the offers, you will get around 200 to 1000 coins which you can redeem very easily inside your Paytm Wallet.

How To Withdraw Paytm Cash?

Talking about Google Play Gift Card from this application, then you can take Google Play Gift Card for minimum ₹ 50. To get a Google Play Gift Card of ₹ 50, you have to collect around 5000 coins.

And if you guys want to redeem in Paytm cash, then you can get Paytm cash from minimum ₹ 1 to maximum one ₹ 100 through this application. 

Important Note: To redeem in this application, you will have to complete minimum 2 offers, as soon as you complete two offers, you will be able to redeem very easily inside this application.

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