Hey Fun App: How to earn Google play Vouchers & Paytm Cash

 Friends, if you guys also play different types of games and want to purchase inside the game or you want to earn game vouchers, then today’s article is going to be very important for all of you. In today’s article, I will tell you about such a great application where everyone can earn game vouchers absolutely free. With this, everyone wants to earn Google’s gift card or Paytm cash absolutely for free, then you can earn that very easily from this application.

How To Get Free Google Gift Card With Hey Fun App

Talking about the most important thing about this application, in this application you can do Self Earning only and only. And only by doing Self Earning, you can take Google’s Gift Card and Paytm Cash. If you guys are a free fire player then free fire diamonds are also available in this application for you guys. So in today’s article we will talk about this application and from which side you are going to get free game vouchers from this application, they will also tell you just one request from all of you, you must follow this article from the beginning. Read complete till the last only then you will get to know everything about this application.

App Name: Hey Fun
App Size: 11MB
App Ratings: 4.3
App Downloads: 1K+

Hey Fun – Scratch To Win Diamond Gift Card is entertainment app, in this app you can win diamond and gift card. This application will get a variety of features, with the help of which you will be able to get free fire diamonds, google gift cards very easily for absolutely free. Here you can take Google Play Gift Card from minimum ₹ 15 to ₹ 30 every day.

And as I told you earlier, here you will also get Paytm cash very easily. With this application everyone can earn Paytm cash from minimum ₹ 5 to maximum ₹ 100 to ₹ 200 every day.

How To Sign Up In This App?

The sign up process of this application is very easy. First of all you have to open the application. After that you will get both these options “Sign Up With Google” and “Sign Up With Facebook”, out of which you can sign up using any option. Talking about signing up with Google account, as soon as you sign up, you will be asked to enter your paytm number and refer code, then you people enter your paytm number and, and talk about the referral code, then the referral code You can enter people so that you will get some sign-up bonus, you will get a referral code below, you can use it.

How To Get Free Google Gift Card With Hey Fun App

How To Earn Free Google Play Gift Card?

In this application, if you guys want to earn tomorrow’s gift card, paytm cash or freefire diamond, then you will get many options in this application, using which you will have to earn some coins in this application, and you can change them. You can do it in Google’s gift card or in the diamond of the house. All the options that everyone will get in this application are given below, you can see them.

Spin Wheel And Scratch Card

The best two options to do Self Earning here are Spin Wheel and Scratch Card. Here you can collect a lot of coins by doing Spain and scratch and through them you will be able to get Google’s gift cards for free.

Task Offers

Inside this option you will get many tasks which you have to complete and after completing the task you will get 100-1000 coins very easily. In Task Offer, you get a lot of applications, which only you have to download and open for 30 seconds, in return you will get a lot of coins.

Refer And Earn

And if you guys want to earn coins for free without any hard work, then the best option for you is Refer and Earn. By using this option, you can earn a lot of coins by referring your friends. Here you will get 100 coins for every single payment. 

How To Withdraw Google Play Gift Card?

If you will make payment of Google Play Gift Card from this application, then your payment will reach your Gmail within 48 hours. Here, the minimum ready of Google Play gift card is Rs 15, and for this you will have to collect about 2000 squares, which we can do very easily.

Refer Code: hA55MZ6scS8

You can also sign up using the code given above. If you invite someone from your refer link or your refer code then you will get some coins in hand. And you can earn very well and easily by referring empty in the same way.

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