HandyPick – Easy to earn bitcoins every refer $1 earn


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HandyPick is an open source, versatile monetary instrument. An innovative decentralized cryptocurrency that allows instant, free and completely secure transfers. Staking on a smart contract allows you to increase the amount of HandyPick coins up to 40% per month by simply keeping them in your wallet.

HandyPick – Easy to earn bitcoins every refer $1 earn

Thanks to the official mobile application, the HandyPick cryptocurrency is always at your fingertips:

• Create and manage your UMI-wallets (the ability to use several wallets at once);

• Send and receive HandyPick coins;

• Connect to structures for staking up to 40% per month;

• View the history of transactions;

• Sign messages.

Also for you:

• Blockchain with easy navigation and search engine;

• Technical support;

• Convenient authorization by Face ID, fingerprint or PIN-code;

• Current HandyPick rate in USD / RUB / EUR / BTC;

• Support for English, Russian, Chinese and Spanish languages.

HandyPick – Easy to earn bitcoins every refer $1 earn

The UMI mobile application provides all the necessary functionality right in your smartphone. Convenient, fast, safe. Welcome to the future! 🖖

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