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GTA Alien Invasion is a remake of GTA-V’s one of the Side Mission called Grass Roots.


This mission is found in Downtown LS. Approach the activist in the middle of the park square to trigger the mission. Once the weed kicks in, it’s time to mow down some aliens! Michael will be equipped with a Minigun and infinite ammo, so start blasting those approaching aliens! Blast at them from left to right to get a kill chain. To avoid much damage from the aliens and their blue headblasts, stay mobile and shoot them quickly! Move to the northern area of the square and you’ll be able to view all the aliens that spawn from above and below.

Map was ripped by AXIS Motion Studio.


-Kill all aliens without mercy & reload.
-Similar Mission Effects.
-Easter Eggs.
-High Graphics.

Important Notes:
– Android 5+ and at least 2GB ram.
– If you get black-screen, grant all the needed permissions.

Please Wait For 10 Seconds…

Download Link click here.

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