GTA 5 Mobile – Trevor Side Mission Fan made – game on budget



The story of this game is fantastic. It has three main characters

– Michael – Retired Bank Robber

– Franklin – Street Robber

– Trevor – Drug Dealer

The story starts in 2004 when the crew of Michael, Trevor and Brad robbed a bank but this heist didn’t happen properly. They were surrounded by police. Police started shooting on them. Michael and Brad got shot by firing and their friend Trevor escaped. He thought Michael was dead but this is not truth. He changed his surname and retired from his criminal life. He had a wife Amanda. He had a son Jimmy and a daughter Tracey. Later, Michael meet Franklin on enterprise purpose, without a doubt contrary to famous belief. Then they commenced work together in a refined way. One day sincerely Michael really located his wife with his tennis instructor on his bed. The train ran from there.

Then Steve met him and wanted to kill him however they got attacked via FIB the Trevor simply helped Michael to mainly escape from FIB and declared that only Trevor will kill michael. Then they worked as associates on their largest sketch and stole 24 heaps of gold. After this steve got here to franklin and definitely ordered him to specially kill michael at the identical time.

Here you have three options:

• Kill Michael

• Kill Trevor

• Kill Yourself As Franklin

(If you kill your enemies then you can end story by being alive which is best way)

 In This Fan-Made Version

– Trevor (as player added)

– a Shotgun (need in-mission)

– Clowns (as enemy) & Their Vans

– Mission Failed & Wasted Screen as PC Version

– Main Menu & Loading Screen

Note Before Downloading

– File Name :  ClownStuck_FinalVersion.apk

– Game Size : 299 MB

– Need Android 5.0+ Version & At Least 2GB Ram

Please Wait For 10 Seconds…

Download Link click here.

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