GTA 5 Mobile Fan-Made – GTA 5 android Beta Version 0.9 With Full Map (GKD Gaming Studio)



Super game optimizes for low devices, This game (Developer By ABDUALLAH-KARIM) & Sponsor by AKD – if you download this game before seeing this video I think something is wrong, so please watch this video and then start the game downloading, and stop, stop, stop, did you subscribe to my channel? if not so please subscribe now GKD GAMING STUDIO channel and press the bell icon button for more new video games, Thanks for reading this content,

Okay, Let’s Start The Downloading Game to GTA5 Beta Version 0.9 With Full Map

Game Features With Details:

1. Good Graphic – 10/9

2. Good Optimizing – 10/7

3. Car Spawner – 1010

4. Big Map 10/7

5. Handling 70% -10/7

6. Lagging Device – 10/4

7. Michael+Franklin Player With Gun’s

8. NPC – 10/5

9. Traffic – 10/1

10. File Size 900+MB

I hope you will enjoy this game

Minimum Android Mobile Requirement

RAM        3GB

ROM        32GB

PROCESSOR       1.8 GHz Octa Core


Grand Theft Auto 5-0.9 Apk File

Please Wait For 10 Seconds…

Download Link click here.

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