Gta 5 Android New Beta Apk Download | New Update | New Warehouse | New Helicopter


New Features Add

New Warehouse

New Helicopter Location 

New  Helicopter

New Weapons

AK 47 

New Garage

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V, GTA 5) is a multi-platform action-adventure computer game with an open world.

GTA 5 Mobile is the latest adventure and great atmosphere. You will be transported to the city of Los Santos. It is filled with forgotten stars, is mired in economic problems, and all this is accompanied by rampant corruption. It is not safe to walk around the city, as criminals are walking everywhere. A certain number of missions are waiting for you, as well as complete freedom of action. The new part will present a big world with not only urban areas, but also the countryside.

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This game is the fifteenth title in the Grand Theft Auto series and the next major title after Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto is the series of well known and likeable instalments that let us become the real criminal. Started years ago, this wonderful production has got a lot of incredibly absorbing features and elements that will undoubtedly appeal to the taste of everyone else. That is why it was a matter of time before the creators from Rockstar Games studio prepared a mobile version of their latest success, namely GTA 5 Mobile.

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