GTA 4 Mobile New FanMade Alpha for Android & iOS 2023 | Download GTA IV Android APK + OBB

The mechanics of gunfights and hand-to-hand combat have been re-created for GTA IV Mobile Fan Made. For the former, a cover system similar to Gears of War appeared. The player character was able to take cover behind the nearest possible obstacle and fire from there. With the help of auto aiming, you can pre-capture the enemy and shoot, leaning out, aiming. Along with this, “blind fire” is allowed. Hitting different parts of the body has different results: the player can injure the enemy in the hand by knocking out the weapon, or can destroy the target with the first head shot. Aiming within the body is integrated into auto-aiming, it is enough to slightly deflect the analog stick of the gamepad. Any, even a weak hit has an impact on almost any object, which added realism to the game.

Games of the Grand Theft Auto Mobile Fan Made Android series are distinguished by their freedom of action, including free movement over vast territories, the ability to steal any vehicle they meet and kill any NPC they see.
In addition to the main, various plot tasks, the player can earn money on peaceful professions, look for hidden objects, or, for example, make extreme auto-jumps in specially provided places. When creating GTA IV Mobile Fan Made iOS, the developers reworked many existing aspects and included several innovations.

The mobile version of GTA 4 is designed to be as close to the original console version as possible. The graphics are impressive and have been optimized for mobile devices to provide an immersive experience on any device. The controls are also intuitive and easy to use, making it easy for anyone to pick up and play without having to learn complicated controls.

📌Info about Apk

Dev: @vAxStudios


Size: 439MB

Internet: Offline

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