GTA 3 Mobile Definitive Edition ( GTA 3 Fan made Mobile GameOnBudget)


GTA 3 Mobile (Grand Theft Auto III Mobile, GTA III Mobile) is a computer project that is one of the most popular in the genre of action.

This game has gained immense popularity around the world, taking in an armful of crowds of fans. This is the third part of the series, where you will go on an exciting and at the same time very dangerous adventure.

Here you will find a huge world open to conquest, where you are free to do whatever you want, because you will have complete freedom of action. Here you can take the side of the violators of laws and order.

For example, start stealing various kinds of cars, complete missions and shoot rivals, thereby moving up the career ladder of the criminal world. You will do whatever you can to become a crime boss and keep the whole city at bay. You will play for a certain character who is living the last days of his life.

GTA 3 Mobile Remastered is a computer video game, the third in the series. GTA III Remastered Mobile became the best-selling game of 2001 and, together with the subsequent titles in the series, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, has had a significant impact on the gaming industry.






The game, unlike the previous games in the series, used a three-dimensional engine, which was subsequently used in subsequent games. The unprecedented freedom of action inherent in GTA games in general has become a key feature of Grand Theft Auto III Mobile.

The game features a lot of vehicles. Most are ordinary cars, however there are special vehicles belonging to members of certain gangs, as well as official vehicles – ambulances, police officers, fire trucks, etc..

• Game Information !

Grand Theft Auto III is open world game, released in 2001 by Rockstar Games. This game is set in Liberty City (based on NewYork City), In this game we play as “Claude” character. GTA III available for other consoles like (PC/Xbox/PlayStation) & also available for android, but I tried to make a fan-made to give you a little experience. If you enjoy this game. Then please consider buying the original game from DEVELOPERS (Website or Store)! Original game is much better than this. It’s just a fan-game & It can’t be comparable to the original game!

• In This Version

– A Car Added (Kuruma)

– Player Model (Claude) Added 

– Menu & Loading Screens Similar To PC Version

– Graphics Like PC Version

– Optimized For Low Devices

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