Gold Mining – Earn Google Play gift Card & PayPal Money App – Apk Download

Gold Mining – Earn Google Play gift Card & PayPal Money App – Apk Download
this application is only available in google playstore. it not yet available in IOS I apologize for that but anyway in your google playstore just search Gold mining – mining and become tycoon okay,

How To Earn 
just click okay here and then daily check in. let’s just claim all the diamonds 
and here you must enter a referral code just like fruit smash just like money cube same here, you’ll be needing to enter a referral code to open the treasure chest and to open the redeem section in paypal. good news! That my comment section is always open for you to put your referral codes. Once you put a referral code automatically you will get 300 diamonds here

You will just tap it and we will get some coins i knew here that they are not accepting auto clicker here if they will detect you, using auto clicker you wont be able to get your payout because it’s in their policy to not use an auto clicker okay so here, we digged upto 24.22k golds. you can see here, their are guards or characters let’s just drag them their for them to guard and fight the germs or monsters if you want more of them, just merge it bang! to make your guards more powerful. We’re just playing here and at the same time earning and enjoying just continue on tapping and you will notice every tap you will get minerals for example here are the minerals, the diamond purple

How to Payout Methods
How to turn them into cash just go to redeem section then click ‘redeem’ you can see its conversion 67,200 minerals is equivalent to 1 us dollars and about to their payout here just click ‘cash’ their minimum payout here is 10 us dollars here in paypal, you can also claim 50 us dollars and maximum payout is 100 us dollars diamonds can also be converted into amazon, google play gift card iTunes play card, steam, play station and xbox gift card. 

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