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By starting to use the Game Rewards app you will get free game codes and wallet codes. Get lots of e-pins and game codes by completing various fun tasks in the app.

With Game Rewards, your efforts are never wasted. Follow us and keep winning. We continue to develop the application both to increase the number of the games and to keep the game codes up to date.

Win the games and wallet codes in our store now! It’s easy to get UC, RP, Diamonds, and wallet codes! By doing the tasks given to you or playing the games in the application, collect Gold immediately and have the product you want!

With many games in the application, collect the gold immediately and have the product you want! It’s easy to earn millions of Golds with Wheel of Fortune, production machines, reference system and unlimited number of missions!

With 4 different mission systems, you can complete the missions and get your rewards instantly. Complete the tasks requested from you in various games and applications with the task system, and your rewards will come to your account instantly!

It is very easy to earn Gold with the Wheel of Fortune system! The Wheel of Fortune, which you can spin with your Diamonds and Golds, offers the opportunity to win millions of gold! You can spend the gold you earn in our store as you wish!

Invite your friends or complete missions to get Steam Random Key, Google Play Wallet Code and all other wallet codes! Everything you need to have to get the codes of all the popular games and dominate other players is here! Get all popular game codes such as UC, Diamonds and RP with Rewards Game!


With the “Reference System”, you will earn large number of rewards for each friend you invite! The friend you invite will also have great advantages with your reference!

It is possible to earn Gold faster with the subscription system in the Rewards Game! Sign up with a servant now to earn more Gold from Wheel of Fortune, Quests or Reference System, with his help you win up to 2x faster!


Support Requests

For support requests, you can contact us by clicking the social media links in the application, and you can have the problem resolved within 2 hours at the latest.

Refer code: 370213

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