Fruit Bonus – Make money Online from Mobile

Make money Online from Mobile

Fruit Bonus – Make money Online from Mobile

Slice, dice or cut fruit! Try to chop multiple fruits at once to earn bonus points!

Make delicious juice!

The gameplay is zero hassle. As long as you throw darts, cut fruits, score points and make a glass of juice at the right time, you will have the opportunity to experience the rewards of the turntable!
There are more surprises in continuous fruit cutting!

But be careful!  Don’t throw empty darts! Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to challenge high scores!

The application redemption condition setting is adjusted according to the difficulty level mentioned by the user

How to Earn

1. The number of diamonds in the initial level of the game will be larger, which is convenient for users to collect diamonds more quickly

2. The game level also matches the function of diamond exchange for various gift cards

3. A $200 PayPal exchange is matched in the game. Compared with the previous function, the exchange conditions are much simpler this time

4. The redemption function at the bottom of the invitation page can be redeemed by inviting friends without any conditions

Payment Proof Screenshot

Fruit Bonus payment proof

Unlock More Earning Functions
Enter this code to unlock all functions in the app: 94N9C6E

Refer code➤94N9C6E

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