Fire Pass – Earn FREE FIRE Free Diamonds 2022


💰 You play, we pay.

Fire Pass here to give you diamonds and elite pass.

Just complete simple tasks in the app, complete the surveys or watch to ads. Collect coins and get some diamonds with your coins.


👨 You can also get elite pass and diamonds by inviting your friends to the Fire Pass. Go to “Invite” section and share your reference link with your friends. Earn diamonds while you sleep 😉 If you have social accounts then you can share your reference link with your followers.

🥳 Our diamond stocks refreshing every Monday. So you can collect coins to buy them right now. This app is completely legit. Don’t worry, we pay all diamonds. If you want to see any other PIN code in the store then please contact us.

🏆 There is also a “Leaderboard” where you can see who has the most coins in the whole app. And you can compete with your friends. Are you ready to be the king? Every month, winner will get the reward. 😉

💸 In the “Recent Purchases” section, you can see that who has received diamonds recently. If you get your diamonds then your name will appear in the recent purchases section.


❤️ In the “Quests” section, you can see your tasks to earn coins. Just select your country to list the quests that fit you. Then select an easy task and you will earn your coins right after you complete the quest.

We will add new options to collect coins. You can join the DC server to send your advice about the application.

All you need is a Google account. Then you can start to collect coins and earn diamonds! Application is secure 100% and there is no risk of fraud.

But yes: they are not enough. If you wish to see new game codes and PINs in the store, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will add new codes to the store based on the players’ feedback!

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