Fallout New Vegas Mobile Apk+Obb (Fan made game)



Fallout: New Vegas Mobile for Android iOS is an open-world RPG.

The game takes place in the year 2281 in post-apocalyptic America, two hundred years after the world nuclear war and shortly after the events of Fallout 3. The playable character, known simply as the Courier, is hired to deliver a valuable package to the city of New Vegas (formerly Las Vegas), but the Courier becomes a victim of a robbery and almost dies, and during the further game he tries to return the package and take revenge on his offenders. The game gives the player the opportunity to freely explore New Vegas and its surroundings of the Mojave Wasteland, independently find tasks for themselves and participate in the confrontation of several parties fighting for control of the city and Hoover Dam.



Although the game uses the same game engine as the previous game in the series, Fallout 3, similar gameplay, textures, and a number of borrowed game assets, it is not a direct sequel to Fallout 3, instead using themes, world elements, and some characters from Fallout 2 and concepts for Fallout: Van Buren, a canceled project by Black Isle Studios. New Vegas received critical acclaim from critics, noting the game’s closeness to the series’ roots and the sheer amount of game content available to the player, but pointing out a large number of bugs and technical issues. At the end of 2010, over 5 million copies of the game had been sold.

Fallout: New Vegas Android iOS introduces new weapons and their modification system. The weapon modification system allows you to install (and irrevocably) optical sights, change the rate of fire and magazine capacity, weight, and damage caused by weapons. As in the previous game, there are unique weapons, improved in advance.

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