Crazy Popstar – Free Star Crossed Games (Early Access)

Crazy Popstar – Free Star Crossed Games (Early Access)

This is the latest version of the classic pop star game.
Now challenge yourself.

★ popular! Once 2020 is popular, it can’t stop! Click on two or more adjacent blocks to destroy them. An interesting cool game.
Pops! 2020 is a good choice to kill time and train the brain.

★ how to play this puzzle:
-Just click on two or more squares of the same color to pop up.
-There is no time limit, but each stage has a target point to move on to the next stage

★ scoring skills:
-The more squares you pop up, the higher the score.
-Try to remove all obstacles and you will get a lot of bonus!

Crazy Popstar – essential mobile cause and effect game!
Crazy Popstar – the game most needed for toilet time!
Crazy Popstar – the most interesting puzzle game in the world!

Crazy Popstar – the best “time killer” cause and effect game!
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