Coin Pop App : How To Earn Google play gift card and Paytm Cash

Friends, in today’s article, I have again brought a best Paytm cash earning application for you, from which you can earn daily from ₹ 5 to ₹ 50 for absolutely free, that too only and only small. -By completing hefty offers. Today I will tell you a very new application, the application which you have not used till now and this application will also pay you 100%.


Along with Paytm Cash, you can also get Google Play Gift Card and BGMI’s UC for absolutely free through this application. With this application, you can take a gift card of Google Play for a minimum of ₹ 10, which you will get in exchange for completing small offers. So if you guys want to know everything about this application in detail, then definitely read this article completely from beginning


App Name: Coin Pop

App Size: 21MB

App Ratings: Unknown

App Downloads: Unknown

Coin Pop App is a completely new Paytm cash earning application in the market, from which you can earn Rs 5 to Rs 50 daily for absolutely free, that too without any investment and only small offers. By completing and referring friends. In this application you will get 10 rupees paytm cash in return for every referral which is going to be very beneficial for all of you, so how will you have to refer in this application, how to complete office etc. Everything inside this article. I will tell you, just you guys read this article completely.

How To Earn Coins?

In this application if you want to earn paytm cash then you have to collect coins in this application. To collect coins, you will take various options in this application like daily login, referring friends, completing tasks and many more. On which side everyone will collect the coins, I have written it down, you can read them. The value of 100 Coin in this application is ₹ 1.

Daily Check-in

The first coin earning option in this application is Daily Check-in. With Daily Check-in, you will get 100 coins whose value is ₹ 1.

Task Offer

Within the task offer, you will find many such applications, in exchange for downloading, you will get two 200 to 1500 coins absolutely free of cost. Completing the offers is very easy, you just have to download the application and keep it open for 2-3 minutes, you will get a lot of coins by doing this.

Refer Friends

In this application, in return for referring every single friend, you will get a Paytm cash of ₹ 10, just keep in mind one thing that the friend you will refer will have to complete at least three offers inside this application. In this application, you will get a Paytm cash bonus of ₹ 10, which you will be able to radium very easily in your Paytm wallet.

How To Withdraw Paytm Cash?


With this application, you can redeem it with minimum 1RS, for which you will have to collect 100 coins, if you want, you can also redeem ₹ 50, but for that you will have to collect 5000 coins, which you guys can scratch and friends. By referring you can earn very easily. Along with this, if you people want to take a gift card of Google Play, then you can also take it from this application, just for that you will have to collect 1000 coins, in return you will get a Google Play gift card of ₹ 10.

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