ClipClaps for Android earning app – APK Download

ClipClaps for Android earning app – APK Download

All of this WITHOUT AD interruptions that we all know and hate. And the cherry-on-top? YOU GET PAID!!. ClipClaps values your time. Fill your day with laughter with our viral videos, and stay entertained with our in-app games.

How to Install And Use

We pay you for your time.
NO Ads 
Videos that will make you laugh, tears of joy GUARANTEED!
We have surprises and REWARDS for you every single day!
Exciting daily activities!
In-app games that will get you hooked!

 i will show you how you can get mobile recharge from clip claps application so guys without wasting time let’s get into the video and let’s see how to do it so first of all open your clip claps application so 

 so let’s withdraw ten dollars a mobile recharge okay so here you have to select your country so as I’m from Bangladesh and i will select Bangladesh now and here i have to put my mobile number so let me put my mobile number here so guys now you have to do uh you have to click on confirm and then you have to select how much uh you want to refill so uh i would like to refill ten dollars okay now select and click on confirm okay here you can see there are some instructions mobile account refill is only available to window of withdrawals of 10 or above refilling may be unavailable to some cell service providers if so please withdraw by PayPal instead actual refilled amount may vary depending on currency exchange rates okay 

now click on confirm then confirm it click on confirm and uh it goes to processing okay guys so let’s wait after uh we receive a payment we will give a screenshot in our community tab you can go and check there okay guys thanks for watching stay tuned with us and don’t forget to hit the subscribe thank you so much so if you don’t know by now you should probably get familiar

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