CashLuck App – How to earn Google play redeem codes & Paytm Cash

Friends, if you guys also want to take a game voucher for absolutely free, you want to purchase something inside the game, but you do not have much money for it, then this article is going to be very beneficial for all of you. In today’s article, we will talk about an application from where you can get Google’s Gift Card and Paytm Case for absolutely free without any hard work and without any investment. You all know that if you get a gift card from Google for free, then by using that gift card, you can purchase it inside the games, or if you play Free Fire, you can also get free diamonds in Free Fire. You can

And along with this, as I told you how this application is going to get Paytm for free, everyone can imagine how tremendous this application is going to be and how much you are going to benefit. So right now if you guys want to know everything about this application, then read this article completely from beginning to end, if you guys read it completely, then you will be able to give Google’s gift card absolutely free and paytm cash for free. You can take it too.

App Name: CashLuck
App Size: 5.8MB
App Ratings: 4.6
App Downloads: 1K+

CashLuck is a genuine app where user will get offers from this app. You can also bring your friends and connect with our app. It gives simple polls and completes simple polls and proposals in this app. 

By using this app, you can get many Google’s redeem codes for free. Apart from this, you will also be able to take Paytm Cash. This is the application which has just been launched in the market, so right now this application is going to pay you a lot if you guys use this app properly.

How To Sign Up In This App?

The sign up process of this application is very easy. First of all you have to open the application. After that you will get the option of “Sign Up With Google” you have to click on it. Then you have to enter a referral code which is given below. After this you have to enter your Paytm number. After this process you successfully signed up in this app.

How To Earn Free Google Play Gift Card?

In this application, if you people want to get Google’s gift card for free, then you will have to do some work. We will get a lot of options in this application, by using which you have to earn coins in this application, and after earning coins, you will be able to get Google Play gift card by using the same coin. So now let’s talk about the options from which you are going to earn coins.

Daily Check-in

If you guys want to earn coins most easily in this application then the easiest option for you is Daily Check-in. By using this option you can earn 100 coins in one click.

Spin And Scratch

The second option that comes here to earn coins is Spin And Scratch. Or you will get scratch and spin every day, by using Sachin, you can earn 1000 to 2000 coins every day in this application.

Task Offers

If you guys want to earn more and more coins in this application then the best option for you is a task offer. For completing each task, you can get 200 to 2000 coins.

Refer And Earn

And if you guys want to earn coins for free without any hard work, then the best option for you is Refer and Earn. By using this option, you can earn a lot of coins by referring your friends. Here you will get 200 coins for every single payment. 

How To Withdraw Google Play Gift Card?

To Withdraw Google Play Gift Card in this application, you have to go above the Wallet section. By going there, now people will get the option of Google Play Gift Card, by clicking on it, you will be able to put Withdraw here. The minimum redeem of Google Play gift card of this application is ₹ 50, for which you will have to earn 5000 Coins.

Refer Code: 1018209

You can also sign up using the code given above. If you invite someone from your refer link or your refer code then you will get some coins in hand. And you can earn very well and easily by referring empty in the same way.

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