Best 3 PUBG Mobile Alternative Games Working 1GB and 2GB Ram Mobile (PUBG Similar Games)


PUBG Mobile three best Battlegrounds Games on similar PUBG mobile, if your 1gb and 2gb ram mobile don`t worry working all android. like 3 games Same to Same PUBG mobile games actions seen and weapons place and more.

Three Best PUBG Mobile Similar Games

1) Survival Squad

PUBG Similar Games
Survival Squad (Image credits: Apkpure)

Survival Squad has an average manage machine for its genre: a digital directional pad at the left aspect of the display screen to manipulate your character, and buttons at the proper to shoot, duck, get down, soar, and intention together along with your weapon’s sight. Interact with objects, inclusive of guns or boxes, with the aid of using tapping at the menu that looks whilst you get near them

Survival squad is an excellent ‘war royale’ with a concise premise and an very amusing sport experience. A top notch title, it really is simply as unique to play solo as it’s miles in pairs or groups of four.

2) Hopeless Land

PUBG Similar Games
Hopeless Land (Image credits: Apkpure)

Gameplay in Hopeless Land is very similar to PUBG or Fortnite. All the players have to jump with a parachute over the island. As soon as you land you have to run and grab weapons, armor and other objects to help you survive. Once you’ve gathered your team, you can start watching out for the other players and the energy field that’ll keep closing in little by little.

As it is standard for this genre, Hopeless Land lets you participate in an all against all ‘battle royale’ by teams or partners. In the three gaming modes you’ll share the island with 119 other players, all of you fighting to survive until the end.

3)  Survivor Royale

PUBG Similar Games

Survivor Royale is a first-person shooter, clearly inspired by the excellent Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) where hundreds of players face each other inside a huge island filled with weapons and vehicles. Only one of them will come out alive and become the winner.

Survivor Royale is an online ‘shooter’ with pretty interesting premise that offers you a brutally awesome gaming experience. Each round can last about 15 to 20 minutes (or even more if you’re good).

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