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In your quest to protect the Earth and the Omnitrix, aside from random evil aliens, you will also be facing the villains of Ben 10 like the evil scientist Doctor Animo. The alien monster Aggregor is also in this game so you better watch out for them! 

Play in 3D

What makes this whole alien adventure exciting would be its 3D graphics. The aliens have their own unique sets of abilities and you will be able to appreciate their powers because of the stunning effects that the game has. Even the fight scenes are delivered smoothly so you do not have to worry about losing the game because of screen glitches. 

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The game’s controls are also easy to understand. Controlling Ben around does not require a lot of buttons that need pressing. Transforming during fights are also made easy because your aliens are at the ready. All you need to do is to select which one you would like to use. They are already on display on your screen and you just have to press on them.

More aliens!

There is also a feature in the game where you will be able to unlock 10 new aliens aside from those you already have. This makes the game more exciting and I must say that it really is a good motivation to try and complete each level.

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