Banned Chinese Apps Best Alternatives – DOWNLOAD NOW!!

Banned Chinese Apps Best Alternatives

Hello everyone this is a note from gadget cape recently in India Ministry of Information Technology has banned 59 apps stating privacy concerns and the Government of India has disallowed the usage of such apps in the country with immediate effect talking about the apps which are banned here is the complete list of the apps and these apps are banned on both iOS and Android platform and guys if you’re using any of these apps on your phone then I request you to immediately delete these apps right now now in our today’s video we are going to show you the best alternative apps of some of the commonly used apps from the list we will not be covering each and every app here as some of the apps in the list are not useful to us so starting 

Banned Chinese Apps Best Alternatives

1. Cam scanner Alternate Adobe scan
the list the first app is the cam scanner so the alternate app for the cam scanner which I recommend is the Adobe scan this app is really easy to use and you have similar features as cam scanner and you need to click a picture here and in the app you can scan a whiteboard form document and also a business card once you save the PDF file it will be uploaded to the cloud and will be synced with your account and from here you can share the PDF file as the link or attachment in the email overall Adobe scan is an easy app to use and my first choice now after the ban of cam scanner next up which is banned now is the you 

Banned Chinese Apps Best Alternatives

2. Cam makeup Alternate b612 beauty
cam makeup app and for this app we recommend the alternate b612 beauty & camera app apart from that there are several Beauty apps available on Play Store which you can try in this app you get the real-time Beauty effect preview which includes face shape skin tone etc the filters are really easy to use and from this app you can take photos as well as shoot videos with the beauty filters there are also AR stickers in the app such as animal faces makeup effects and so on which are very well optimized overall if you’re looking for a beauty makeup app then b612 is one of the best app to use right now 

tik tok alternate app

3. Tik Tok Alternate Bolo Indya
next app we are going to talk about is tick tock tick tock is also one of the average car and and there are lot of apps which are available similar to take talk but of course with better privacy there are a couple of apps which you can download and use first is the polo India which is an Indian alternate to take doc like tick tock you can create short videos in the app and share it he can download and share videos as per your interest in across different categories such as GK health English learning etc one more alternate to tick tock is Metro which is in the news recently this app also offers similar short videos and they get same swipe up to quickly see the videos from different users this app also offers similar short videos and you get swipe up to quickly see the videos from different users and functional device both these apps are very close to tick-tock but are made in India there is also a new app these days which is chingaari which offers similar tick-tock like experience so if you’re looking for best o’clock alternative then do check out these apps you 

4. UC browser alternate Google Chrome
UC browser is among one of the average got banned and you have lot of options when it comes to the browsers on your phone the first alternate is Google Chrome which I’m sure most of you know it already and I personally use Google Chrome on all my devices and it’s very fast and really easy to use as well in other browsers you can use Microsoft edge Mozilla Firefox and opera all these browsers are available cross-platform which makes them useful as will have your bookmarks on all your devices and most importantly you will not get malicious ads and push notifications like you see browser which I don’t know why came pre-installed in some of the budget segment phones and to be honest I’m really happy that this app is banned in India 

5. Parallel space alternate Dual Apps
next app which got banned is the parallel space now this is the app which allows you to use two versions of the same app on your phone for example using two or more Facebook whatsapp account on your phone there are quite a few alternate available to this on Play Store but the one I have used myself and I find it good is the dual apps dual apps offer you a parallel space where you can install one more copy of the apps like whatsapp Instagram telegram and other social media apps on your phone apart from that you can add any other apps from here this way you can use two whatsapp numbers on your same phone and functionality wise this app works really good say if you’re looking for an alternate app to parallel space then this is the app you should check out 

shareit alternate app

6. Shareit alternate Google files
next stop which is banned is the share it share it used to be the most commonly used up when it comes to sharing files and media but now as its banned the best alternate we can recommend you is the Google files go files go is really good and easy to use for both browsing and managing your files and data on your phone apart from that this app also offers share feature where you can send and receive files easily which is very similar to the share it the connection process is fairly simple and the app is really easy to use so for browsing and sharing files we think files go is the best app to download on your phone now before we proceed to our 

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