Asu Gamer App: Win Diamond, Wallet Cash & Gift Card

If you guys are still in search of such an application from where you can get Google Play Gift Card from ₹ 10 to ₹ 100 absolutely free of cost, then today your search ends here. Because friends, today in this article I will tell you about an application from where you will be able to get the gift of Google Play absolutely free and very easily, that too Google Play Gift Card from ₹ 10 to ₹ 100. Along with this, you can also get Paytm cash and Amazon gift vouchers from this website absolutely free.


The most important thing about this application is that the minimum redeem of this application is only ₹ 1 and you will be able to redeem the maximum of ₹ 30 from this application every day. Along with this, a very good referral program is going on in this application, from where you will get unlimited Paytm cash less, about which you will get to know in detail in this article. So if you guys want to know everything in detail about which application, then definitely read this article completely once.


App Name: Asu Gamer

App Size: 7.9MB

App Ratings: 4.2

App Downloads: 100K+

Asu Gamer App is a brand new Earning Application that has come in the market, which claims that this application is going to get full Paytm cash for everyone. In this application you can earn lots of paytm cash just by playing small games and referring friends. More than 1 lakh users are using this application and they are also getting free paytm cash.

How To Earn Free Coins?

To earn Paytm cash for free from this application, you have to collect some coins inside this application, using which you can take Paytm cash. In this application, a 100 coin means ₹ 1. Depositing coins inside this application is very easy, from which side to deposit coins, it has been explained to you in detail below.

Scratch And Spin

Within this application, you can earn a lot of Paytm cash by doing Scratch and Spin. You will get 10 Scratch and Spin every day inside this application, from which you will be able to earn a lot of coins.

Daily Bonus

Inside this application you get daily bonus, to get daily bonus you have to do 10 Scratch and Spin inside this application first. With Daily Bonus you will get 25 coins absolutely free every day.

Refer Your Friends

As if I did not tell you the beginning, there is a very good raffle program running inside this application, so what is that referral program, I will tell you now. If you refer any friend inside this application, then you will get ₹ 2 for each referrer. So the more friends you refer, how are you going to get so much Paytm.

How To Withdraw google play gift card & Paytm Cash?


How to Redeem Paytm, first of all you have to collect minimum 100 Coin inside this application, in return you will get ₹ 1. And the maximum redeem of this application is only and only ₹ 30 for which you will have to collect 3000 Coins.

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