2020 Best 5 Android apps To Earn Google play gift Card | top 5 Google play gift card Earning Apps

2020 best Google gift card Apps

2019 Best 5 Android apps To Earn Google play gift Card | Top 5 Earnings Apps For android | google balance high Earn | 5 apps Real & Working 2020 | payments proof

5. Knife Dash

Knife Dash – flip games for knife hit, This is an exciting flippy knife game.

The game is very simple, throw a knife, break The spinning wheel. You can get a lot of rewards
Slash the spin and unlock new knives.

Exciting boss levels will be rewarded with surprises.
There is a special section here that is different from other knife games!
Throw a flippy knife to get the key!
The key is the key to open the treasure chest and to the peak of life!
There are nine treasure boxes in the treasure chest room,Can’t wait to open the door to wealth!

Super cool bosses, special levels!Can you hit all the bosses?
Unlike other flips games, you can invite your friends and get 300 Diamonds for each friend who registers.

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4. Lucky Fruit

Time your throws carefully and try to slash multiple fruits at once to get bonus score! Be nimble and accurate – DO NOT MISS!

Arrange your fingers to throw sharp knife blades carefully and try cutting several pieces at once to get a bonus score! Be an agile and never give up.

How to play lucky fruit
Select your best sharp knife
Tap to throw the knife
Slice maximum fruits without missing the knife shot

This gameplay is zero hassle but so crazy. Time and throw the knife carefully to slash the fruits. You try to slash multiple fruits at once to get your juice bonus score – DO NOT MISS & BE CAREFUL THE COUNTDOWN!

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3. Royal Plane

Royal Plane is associate app during which every plane flies around a closed ring. you wish to merge and manage aircrafts to upgrade your level.
It’s one amongst the the most effective merger game!

How to play Royal Plane – Merge Game?
* faucet and drag the plane to merge with the opposite plane at identical level.
* Drag planes and free them on airlines, to earn coins.
* Open born plane box, merge, upgrade and fly.

What makes Royal Plane – Merge Game thus special?
– straightforward however addictive  merge game.
– Best plane idle game with fresh UI.
– millions of boosters to assist merge and upgrade your Plane.
– Lack of coins? Don’t worry, free plane can return to you.

Plane Fusion – Merge, merge then upgrade, it’s ne’er been thus fun and straightforward to be a rich person.

Enjoy Plane Fusion – Merge Game without delay

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2. Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing: Catch Fish and Treasures

🐟 Royal Fishing: easy and fun fishing game.
🐟 Royal Fishing: you can get the best of fish.
🐟 Royal Fishing: exciting and wonderful game play.
🐟 Enjoy happy fishing hours!

🐟 Best fishing spot.
🐟 The game is interesting and will check you agility, let’s play and prove you are the best fishing master!
🐟 Cast your fishing rod with precision and reap the perfect double reward.
🐟 Enjoy the fishing game free and start catching fishes, try big one and get big score.
🐟 This is free game to joy fishing on the beautiful fishing spot and become the best fishing chief.

🐟 Move fishing rod to catch best fish.

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1. Lucky Fishing

Game features

– Beautiful graphics and lovely images.

– Simple and addictive gameplay: Tap, cast down and catch the fish!

– Upgrade your tools to reach deeper and grab more fish!

– Earn coins even when you are idle and offline!

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